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Dkéama Alexis

she/they/he interchangeably

Program Operations Manager

Dkéama Alexis is a Black gender fugitive/trans— lesbian living on unceded Mvskoke and Tsalaguwetiyi land (metro Atlanta, GA). professionally, she has worked to create programming, outreach, and leadership opportunities for LGBTQI+ communities and people living with HIV; she has also been an independent/freelance consultant who specializes in Black feminist facilitation and political education. in 2017, they co-founded Black Queer & Intersectional Collective (BQIC) in Columbus OH, a grassroots abolitionist collective working towards the liberation of Black LGBTQI+ people through community organizing, direct action, education, and creating spaces. in his spare time, Dkéama gravitates towards writing creative non-fiction and poetry, sitting at his ancestral altar, reading tarot, finding enjoyment wherever possible, and dreaming towards a world without police, prisons, or borders.

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Dkéama Alexis
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