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Transpondence 6: More Music 'Cause I've Been Listening To A Lot

Hello hello! I’m back again with more music suggestions! So without further ado, let’s jump right on into it!

Snail’s House

Keitaro Ujiie, also known as Snail’s House, is a Japanese electronic musician who makes INCREDIBLE instrumentals!!! And a lot of his music videos have super cute and whimsical animations!

“Twinklestar” is an out-of-this-world track! Pun intended!

“Snailchan Adventure” is a super cute video-game inspired tune!


SPiCYSOL is a band from Japan that makes a lot of uplifting music that mixes different genres. The members' stage names are Kenny, Akun, Kazuma, and Pete.

Here’s “#Goodday.” When I've felt depressed about being trans, listening to this song cheered me up. It's not about being trans, but it is about being true to yourself and keeping your chin up, which is a big part of what it takes to live sustainably as a trans person.

And here’s “New Day.” It’s about looking toward the horizon and the happiness that lies there.


I love Mitski so much!!! She has such soul-stirring, emotionally complex music.

“Fireworks” is about becoming emotionally numbed.

“First Love / Late Spring” is about a love that rips you apart.

Tatsuro Yamashita

Tatsuro Yamashita’s music is bright, soothing and full of love!

“Magic Ways” is a completely love-struck song all about a girl he adores:

“Only with You” is another comforting love song:

Roland Faunte

Roland Faunte’s music is very introspective and delves into their mental health a lot. It’s very melancholy, and might even strike you as sad, but I like it a lot and I can relate to a lot of their messages. If you’ve had any struggles with mental health, you might find that it resonates with you.

“Hand Over Hand” is a heavy-hearted song that ultimately takes a hopeful note discussing how important their love’s presence has been in staving off their self-destruction.

“Be Fine” is about feeling uneasy with where you are in the present, but believing in your capacity to recover in the future.

girl in red

girl in red is the professional stage name of Marie Ulven Ringheim, a gay musician who has quite a few songs about her love for girls! If you’re a lesbian I super recommend her! She’s awesome.

“girls” is about loving girls!!! And how hecking cute they are!!!

“i need to be alone” is about experiencing a sense of ennui and needing time to yourself before you totally lose it.


Mxmtoon, real name Maia, is a singer-songwriter who weaves the topic of self-care through a lot of her songs (And sometimes the lack thereof). I find her music really cleansing and clarifying, like she’s digging into a deeper truth than I necessarily see on my own.

“Lessons” is a meditative song about personal growth.

“Quiet Motions” is a soothing, self-loving song about how splendid time alone can be.


I just recently discovered Claud, and they’re super cool! Their music is very fresh!

“Rollerblades” is a longing song about change and missing someone.

“Easy” is about a one-sided relationship.

I hope you enjoy whatever songs you decide to listen to! Idk about y'all but music really helps me when I feel depressed and I feel like there's a lot of depression going around with the pandemic going on. In any case, I hope everyone is wearing their masks outside, washing their hands, and staying six feet apart in public. Even if some places are opening up again, the need for proper precautions is still extremely high.

For the next post, I'm hoping to talk about a very gay and gender-variant friendly show that some of you might have heard of. Hint: It starts with "She!"

...And until next time, have a gay life!

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