Transpondence 5: Queer-inclusive Music

Hello! It’s me again! In this week’s Transpondence, I’d like to talk about some musicians you can check out while you’re stuck at home! If you want, of course.

Rina Sawayama

[Image description: A photograph of Rina Sawayama, who is standing in an outdoor area with trees and bushes behind her. She has light skin, a thin physique, dyed orange hair, and red lipstick on, and she's grinning at the camera with her eyes crinkling. She has gold hoop earrings on, and a black and white plaid blouse.]

Rina Sawayama is so cool! The genre of her music is generally pop, but there’s a strong presence of other influences in her music as well, including rock and R&B. Her music frequently touches on themes of displacement, confidence, and womanhood, with a lot of lyrics underscoring her experiences as a Japanese-British woman. Oh yeah, and she’s also pansexual! I love the honesty and empowerment in her music. Give her a chance, she’s incredible.

“Dynasty” is one of her newest and one of my favorites. It’s about inherited pain and breaking the vicious cycle in your family.


Also, “Flicker” is a great pride anthem. Rina’s talked about how she wrote the song partially with trans people in mind, thinking about the frustration we experience when we’re misgendered.


King Princess

[Image description: A photograph from a concert, with King Princess up on stage holding a microphone. Warm orange lights shine down on her from above, with additional bluish lights shining at an angle behind her. She has light skin, short, brown, wavy hair, and a thin physique. Her mouth is open in a smile. She has maroon pants and a striped belt on, and a white tank top. Behind her, a guitarist is playing and various musical equipment can be seen arranged on the floor.]

Mikaela Straus, AKA King Princess, is an indie pop artist and gay icon. Her music is proud, unashamed, and effortlessly cool (seemingly just like her). I especially recommend her music if you’re a lesbian or sapphic person!

“1950” is mind-blowingly good and I can’t stop thinking about it. This song, people. THIS song! It’s so effing good. It scratches all my lesbian itches.


“Ain’t Together” is a song she describes as “cute and sad” and “perfect for” a “lesbian seance.” It’s about two people who are in love but for whatever reason, one of them hasn’t been able to commit to the relationship. Also, in this music video she’s wearing a football uniform with big shoulder pads and just, wow, holy shit, I’m gay.