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Transpondence 1: Introductions

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hello there! I’m Isabella, and I'm gonna be one of the bloggers for GSA Link! Welcome to the first post of Transpondence!

Are you gay? I’m gay. Are you trans? I’m trans. This is a place for me to talk about those things! Don’t fret if you aren’t in those categories, though; all kinds of people are welcome here!

For this initial post I just want to focus on introducing myself, so first things first: Pronouns. Mine are she/her. I’m a trans woman, if you hadn’t already guessed. I knew when I was fifteen, and now I’m almost nineteen! I know I already said I’m gay, but to be even more explicit, ‘cause that could mean a few different things, I’m specifically a lesbian (Nice). Shout-out to all my lesbians.

Obviously there’s more to me than being trans and gay, though. I’m also a huge nerd! I love Star Wars, I love Star Trek, and I’m really big on sci-fi in general. I love to read, I love to write, and I’m a huge fan of storytelling in all of it’s forms. I’m also an artist with a great passion for drawing. I aspire to be a graphic novelist. I’m probably more of a cat person, but I inexplicably live with three whole dogs. I’m also adopted, and my family rocks. Finally, I, and this may shock and disturb you, don’t actually mind pineapple on my pizza. So there. Fight me. But please, don’t actually. I’m tiny, and bruise easily.

I hope we’ll all have a fun time here, as I share my perspective on a wide range of LGBT+ topics that are important to me, as well as topics that center specifically on my experiences as a trans lesbian woman.

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