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just an introduction :)

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Hello there wonderful people! My name is Aiden and I’ll be one of your GSA link bloggers. I’ve been going to Link for a year and a half, and it’s one of my favorite places on earth. I met some crazy cool friends there, and even got to bring my friends along and introduce them to the community. 

So, how should we start this? An introduction would be nice. Well, my name is Aiden, and I’m nonbinary. I grew up in a world of classical ballet and all other styles of dance, and have fallen in love with dance and theater. After doing Chicago this summer, I’ve realized that I truly want a future in this field. Dance introduced me to working with kids, as I volunteered as a classroom aid, and now I plan on double majoring in dance and early childhood education in college. Navigating the world of very traditional ballet as someone trans has been a slap in the face - but more on that later. 

Music! Everyone likes music. I’ve got this insanely eclectic mix playing as we speak, but the song that's going is “Bicycle Race” by Queen. I grew up on the “Emo Holy Trinity” (Panic!, Fall Out Boy, and MCR), but have moved on to some (very strange) completely different music. I saw Waterparks most recently (can we talk about the demos they just released??), and it was AMAZING. Growing up in dance means I love old ballet music, and Coppelia is my current favorite. 

I adore using both fashion and funky jewelry to express myself, and I’m currently vibing with cool earrings (hmmm, maybe that’d be an interesting post… who knows!)

Anyways! Thank you guys for listening to me ramble about myself for a minute. I can’t wait to start putting up posts for you guys in the coming weeks. Have a beautiful rest of your today!


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