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a super quick update - honesty time with aiden

hello hello! so, let‘s be honest here. i got busy, distracted and tied up in the chaos that is this pandemic. we’re all stuck at home, now so i do believe that it’s time for another update on the daily life. being stuck at home with family can be boring, let’s all be honest. sitting still? a crime in my personal opinion! staying still is essential to letting this virus finally loosing steam, but that doesn’t mean it‘s a pleasant experience. anyways! we’re back on our chaos, and expect weekly posts again after this. binding, haircuts, dance and jewelry are all coming up! thank you guys for putting up with me during this, i can’t wait to be back to my weekly chaotic posting for you guys <3

- a

ps: this photo is of a sign i found on my run recently, isn‘t it sweet?

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May 04, 2020

Don't sweat falling behind in posts, Aiden! I know the feeling. Just keep doing what you need to keep your mental health in check! That comes first!

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