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Marlee Goodman


Advocacy & Justice Chair

Marlee brings her personal identities and professional background to GSA Link's Board of Directors, with a community-centered approach that centralizes efforts in bringing nuance to GSA Link's educational and programmatic offerings by crowdsourcing from the populations they serve and uplift. Marlee is a Trauma Specialist, specializing in intersectional identities and affinity spaces, complex and disenfranchised grief and trauma in youth, de-escalation and restorative practices, and mental health advocacy. In her free time, Marlee enjoys hosting dinner parties, exploring Chicago, picking up crafts, and giving one-woman performances of Mamma Mia! to her cat, Franklin.

As the Advocacy & Justice Chair, Marlee facilitates Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice initiatives for the organization including trainings, workshops, and strategy builing.

Marlee Goodman
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