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Participant Engagement & Opportunity Chair

Remote, USA

Job Type

Board of Directors

About the Role

Board members are an integral part of GSA Link, Inc.’s mission to support and empower LGBTQ+ youth and families. As the Participant Engagement & Opportunity Chair, you will work closely with fellow board members, Co-Presidents, the DEI&A committee and the community to create opportunities for program participants’ education, personal and professional development, and resource acquisition. You will also stay up-to-date with mentoring and LGBTQ+ youth work research to ensure best practices and high quality program delivery and collaborate with program staff to operationalize this knowledge.

What you’ll do

● Volunteer 5-10 hours of your time per month to do the following...

● Serve on the Board of Directors for a passionate and driven nonprofit organization founded and led by LGBTQ+ persons.

● Collaborate on key, high-influence decisions for the organization.

● Participate in monthly board meetings.

● Draft and implement your role’s quarterly deliverables.

● Develop evaluation methods to gauge program participant and volunteer needs, attitudes and beliefs.

● Link with the Advocacy & Justice Chair to lead the DEI&A Committee.

● Leverage your networks to establish pipelines for educational attainment, resource sharing and/or social or personal enrichment.

● Other, as determined by individual occupying role.


Who you are

Experienced. You have experience with mentorship and/or LGBTQ+ youth programming.

Educator. You love thinking through complex solutions by researching and reflecting. You enjoy sharing this information with others in a way that is concise and accessible, and are eager to work with them to implement it.

Team-Oriented. You work best in a collaborative environment such as brainstorming sessions and conversations with volunteers, board members, staff and community members.

Social-Justice Oriented. You have a passion for equity and justice and see a need for these values to be reflected in every facet of the program. You understand and want to learn more about social justice topics such as intersectionality and allyship.

● Innovative. You enjoy building something from nothing, and are eager to figure out new ways to try things.

Evaluative. You understand that impact is bigger than intent and are eager to create iterations that are more accessible and create a bigger impact than the last.

Passionate. You have a real drive to connect, empower and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. You want to create community, belonging and safety.

Growth mindset. You see opportunities to build something better and more impactful at every turn. You value giving and receiving feedback as means to build trusting relationships, improve the organization and grow personally.

About GSA Link, Inc.

GSA Link, Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2019 to connect, empower, and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. GSA Link, Inc. connects LGBTQ+ youth to collaborate, share ideas, and build community in a safe space. Through virtual meetings, mentorship programs, workshops, events, education, resources, volunteer and internship opportunities, we not only aim to empower our members, but also build community together.

Commitment to Equity

We understand that there are numerous reasons why someone would read a job description and, despite “checking off most of the boxes”, decide not to apply. Research supports that self-selecting out of potential professional opportunities is particularly common among individuals with minoritized identities or identities that are marginalized in professional spaces such as BIPOC individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, persons with a disability, neurodivergent individuals, and individuals with a history of institutionalization (e.g. incarceration, immigration detainment, inpatient treatment, or chronic hospitalization). If you question whether or not you would be a “good fit” for this role, please contact us at GSA Link, Inc. values growth capacity and love of learning over experience.


This is a position on the Board of Directors that does not include monetary compensation.

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to The cover letter is an opportunity to share your passion for the LGBTQ+ youth & family community and your experience in fundraising & development. We are so excited to learn about you!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions, concerns or

requests for accommodations for the application, interview or work as a member of our team

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