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Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Remote, USA

Job Type

Part Time, Paid

About the Role

We are so excited to introduce this newly created role to our team! In this role, you would be a relationship-builder and organizer, connecting staff, board members, volunteers and program participants to one another and keeping track of the various projects, events and action items across the organization. This role will be key in growing and sustaining GSA Link, Inc.’s relationships with external community partners by scheduling trainings, workshops & events, navigating our partners’ needs, and fostering our social media presence.

50%: Provide logistical oversight for GSA Link, Inc.’s committee members, staff and volunteers.

  • Organize attendance information, meeting notes, action items, and calendar invites for three committees, each meeting once per month.

  • Foster connections across committee members, staff, volunteers and community partners.

  • Aid GSA Link, Inc.’s programs team as-needed with administrative tasks.

30%: Build, grow and maintain GSA Link Inc.’s community presence via community partnerships and social media.

  • Connect with prospective partners via email, phone and video conference to create agreements and mutually beneficial plans for how our organizations will collaborate.

  • Coordinate with staff and volunteers to create training & workshop materials, schedule events for our partners, and distribute resources (flyers, handbooks, etc).

  • Assist staff and volunteers in streamlining GSA Link, Inc.’s social media posts across Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok.

20%: Manage two high school interns.

  • Support the Co-Presidents and staff with the hiring process for two high school interns.

  • Delegate assignments such as creating content for our TikTok account, researching potential partners, supporting membership acknowledgement efforts, and completing various administrative tasks.


Who You Are

  • Experienced. You have experience (lived, internships, volunteer, professional or otherwise) supporting LGBTQ+ youth. You have a strong knowledge of navigating administrative tasks, posting social media content, and building relationships.

  • Passionate. You have a real drive to connect, empower and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. You see the need to create community, safety and belonging.

  • Relationship-Builder. You love meeting new people and building rapport with nonprofit leaders and volunteers to create mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships.

  • Organized. You have a knack for scheduling events for various stakeholders, creating easy-to-navigate documents using Google Workspace, and keeping track of multiple moving pieces.

  • Growth-Minded. You see opportunities to build something better and more impactful at every turn. You value giving and receiving feedback as means to build trusting relationships, foster personal growth and broaden the organization’s impact.

  • Team-Oriented. You work best in a collaborative environment where all work to support one another by listening, connecting and brainstorming.

About GSA Link, Inc.

GSA Link, Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2019 to connect, empower, and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. GSA Link, Inc. connects LGBTQ+ youth to collaborate, share ideas, and build community in a curated safe space. Through virtual meetings, mentorship programs, workshops, events, education, resources, volunteer and internship opportunities, we not only aim to empower our members, but also build community together.

Commitment to Equity

We understand that there are numerous reasons why someone would read a job description and, despite “checking off most of the boxes”, decide not to apply. Research supports that self-selecting out of potential professional opportunities is particularly common among individuals with minoritized identities or identities that are marginalized in professional spaces such as BIPOC individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, persons with a disability, neurodivergent individuals, and individuals with a history of institutionalization (e.g. incarceration, immigration detainment, inpatient treatment, or chronic hospitalization). If you question whether or not you would be a “good fit” for this role, please contact us at GSA Link, Inc. values growth capacity and love of learning over experience.


This is a grant-funded role with a fixed compensation of $19 per hour, 12 hours per week for the duration of 12-months with the possibility for extension.

Application Instructions

To apply please email Izzy at with the following information:

  • 1-2 page resume, showcasing your relevant volunteer and/or professional experiences

  • 4-8 sentence cover letting, answering the following questions:

  • Why do you think supporting LGBTQ+ youth is important?

  • In this role, you would connect staff, volunteers and community partners to one another. What are way that you would create an opent, inclusive space for those connections to happen?

  • Confirm that the below compensation is in alignment with your expectations.

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