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Match Coordinator

Remote, USA

Job Type

Part Time, Volunteer

About the Role

Linked Mentoring, a program of GSA Link, Inc. is seeking applicants for a mutually-beneficial volunteer opportunity where you have room to explore mentoring, program development, and match support with a new nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting LGBTQ+ youth and LGBTQ+ adults.

Through this opportunity, you will be connected with other folks in the LGBTQ+ community, be able to network, learn, and grow together. Working with Linked Mentoring means that you currently and will demonstrate commitment to supporting diverse LGBTQ+ experiences and challenging ableism, classism, racism, misogyny, and other systems of oppression. We want this experience to feel valuable, manageable, and fulfilling, and therefore aim to build a program that fits the needs and goals of all applicants. We strongly encourage folks of all backgrounds to apply, especially queer and trans Black, Indigenous, and other folks of color.

This role will be responsible for:

  • Communicate regularly with the Program Manager on progress, goals, and logistics

  • Support youth-adult match development through one-on-one virtual check-ins monthly

  • Document match progress on Check-In Log

  • Participate in periodic staff meetings and/or training to brainstorm ideas, discuss challenges, and reflect

  • Other opportunities for involvement as interested


We encourage applicants of all backgrounds and experiences to apply for these internships. Learning happens through a variety of experiences and formats, all of which are valuable. We acknowledge that imposter syndrome is very real, so if you want to apply for this position and feel like it’d be interesting to you, this is your sign to do so! Ultimately, we want to get to know who you are, your unique strengths, and what you could bring to this work, so there is no “perfect” candidate. The following are some qualities we believe would make for the most successful coordinators:

  • Lived experience or previous experience working with LGBTQ+ youth

  • Ability to provide and receive/incorporate constructive feedback

  • Detail-oriented, strong organizational skills

  • Creative, critical thinker with a growth-oriented mindset

  • Enthusiastic team player and collaborator with a sense of humor

  • Self-motivated, independent worker who functions effectively in a virtual work environment

  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting youth equity and empowerment

About GSA Link, Inc.

GSA Link, Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2018 to connect, empower, and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. GSA Link, Inc. connects LGBTQ+ youth to collaborate, share ideas, and build community in a safe space. Through virtual meetings, workshops, events, education, resources, volunteer and internship opportunities, we not only aim to empower our members, but also build community together. Linked Mentoring, a program of GSA Link, Inc., has the primary goal to connect LGBTQ+ youth with an LGBTQ+ mentor, so that the two can develop a trusting, supportive, mutually positive connection. Linked Mentoring was founded in 2019, with its launch in January 2020.

The mission of the Linked Mentoring Program is to help to develop trusting, supportive, and mutually positive connections between LGBTQ+ youth and adults. The youth who participate in the Linked Mentoring Program’s voices, wants, and needs will be centered, as we encourage our mentors and mentees to have an active and integral role in steering and shaping this program.

Commitment to Equity

We understand that there are numerous reasons why someone would read a job description and, despite “checking off most of the boxes”, decide not to apply. Research supports that self-selecting out of potential professional opportunities is particularly common among individuals with minoritized identities or identities that are marginalized in professional spaces such as BIPOC individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, persons with a disability, neurodivergent individuals, and individuals with a history of institutionalization (e.g. incarceration, immigration detainment, inpatient treatment, or chronic hospitalization). If you question whether or not you would be a “good fit” for this role, please contact us at GSA Link, Inc. values growth capacity and love of learning over experience.


This is a volunteer position that does not include monetary compensation.

Application Instructions

To Apply: Please email us at!

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