Why GSA Link?

GSA Link in a nonprofit organization that seeks to connect, empower, and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. Having social support plays a key role in developing LGBTQ+ youth’s confidence in their identities, sense of belonging, and strengthening their passions and skills. GSA Link offers a necessary space for youth to meet others and build connections, exploring topics that they care about. Our goal is to center and value LGBTQ+ youth’s voices and interests, encouraging them to be a part of the process of steering this continuously growing community and its efforts to be involved in advocacy and education. With each meeting, we seek to show LGBTQ+ youth that there are so many people who care about them and want to see them thrive in a world that still spreads hatred and violence. Together, we are the link that connects.

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GSA Link tackles our mission of LGBTQ+ youth empowerment in a variety of ways.


Through our Link Up meetings (for K-5, middle schoolers, or high schoolers), youth can hang out in a positive and fun space, and discuss issues that are important to them. We also look to parents as agents of change, offering parent groups for support and information on how to best embrace their child’s emerging identity. Finally, our newest program Linked Mentoring helps to establish mentoring relationships between LGBTQ+ youth and LGBTQ+ adults so that the two can develop a trusting, supportive, mutually positive connection.


Familial acceptance promotes higher self-esteem and reduces likelihood for depression and substance misuse (Ryan et al., 2010).

Having a GSA has been found to offset psychological distress and promote feelings of belonging (Heck, Flentje, & Cochran, 2011).

Positive LGBTQ+ youth-adult and peer relationships help youth to find resources, feel seen, and remind them that they are not alone (Asakura, 2016).

“Her confidence has soared and she stands a little taller since starting these sessions with her mentor. She looks forward to these weekly meetings and it has opened a new avenue of conversation for us.” - GSA Link Parent about Linked Mentoring


Raise Your Flag is a movement by GSA Link that encourages you to raise your flag with pride and own your right to be who you are!

Your story matters, and we want

to hear it!

Raise your flag by sharing your

story with us today!

"In the end, I’ve been out publicly since I was fifteen, nearly sixteen, and I couldn’t be happier for it.          It gets better, and when you can finally own who you are- you get better too." -Thomas 


Our Partnerships

Gender Diversity and Inclusion Business Certification is a leading organization providing business training in gender diversity, inclusion and transgender transitioning guidelines in the workplace. 

GDIBC is a proud

partner of GSA Link. 

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Through “Love All, Feed All” offerings, UNO strives to be as transparent and inclusive as possible to make every customer’s dining experience delicious

and enjoyable. 

Uno Pizzeria & Grill of Westboro

is a proud partner of GSA Link. 


CMS Wellness provides individual and family therapy to those connected with the LGBTQIA+ community.  They also provide consultation services to parents and schools regarding how to

best support youth. 

CMS Wellness is a

proud partner of GSA Link. 

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